Who the fuck does Bank of America think they are?

Going from 9.9% fixed to $highest_prime_rate_in_the_last_90_days + 11.65%?
Fuck that.
And to the bitch who rudely pointed out that you guys have paid back $800 million of the TARP money, what about the other $44200 million?
Fuck you.
$45 billion from the Federal government and this is how you treat your profitable customers? No wonder you assholes needed a bailout.
Remind me why I should pay you assclowns another cent?

And to all the other BofA victims, unconscionable rate jacking, (allegedly) coming soon to a credit card near you.


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  1. Jason P says:

    Oh yeah… I’ve been with BofA for 23 years…yeah, that’s right. Member since 1986. Today, my interest went to 15.99 from 9.99%. I have an 800 FICO score and I have NEVER missed a payment…EVER.

    So I canceled both my 10k visa card with BofA and my 21k MasterCard…After my work stops sending my direct deposit to my BofA checking, I’m canceling that. Oh, and my savings acct…yeah, thats closed now too. Um, thank you for your loyalty BofA. I’m glad you realized that my 23 years of patronage is worth something…enough to raise my interest by 6%. Go fuck yourself.

    USAA just gave me a 24k limit MasterCard with 8% interest, so you can die in a fire BofA. Oh, and please choke on my tax dollars for your bailout.

  2. columbonet says:

    please have my child

  3. Alex Meyer says:

    Yeah, I’m alive

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